Amazing Delicious

Hibachi, Sushi & Hot Stone Grill

         Our restaurant offers a wide variety of authentic cuisine, such as hibachi, sushi & hot stone grill meal. Wine, sake, cocktails & beers are also available for your refreshments.
         Enjoy a fun-filled dinner for family and friends prepared on a hibachi grill by our skillful Teppan master chefs!
         Our sushi is fresh & exquisite, and prepared by our master chef. Stone grill meals are oil free, natural & healthy. You can cook your own food at your table on our hot stone grill seasoned with pure sea salt. Each bite from start to finish will be hot, juicy & delicious.
         Come in for a lunch meeting with business associates in our private room, or celebrate special occassions alongside our talented hibachi chefs and friendly staff.

Please Call for Reservations